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Ho hum

I've reluctantly decided that the decoration plan I had isn't going to work. It's just not quite right. I'm not entirely certain what will replace it, but I've got a ton of edge-beading that I can be getting on with while the Inspiration Fairy waits round a dark corner for me, with a half brick in a sock.

It does mean that I have *some* unpicking to do. Which will be sad and dispiriting, but will ultimately be for the good.

However today has resulted in some quite nice nearly-geometric work on the bra. It's not geometric at all really, geometrish perhaps. I eyeballed it, because I couldn't face the thought of trying to work out a two dimensional pattern onto a three dimensional curvy thing. Again, that was supposed to be S-scrolls, but they just didn't feel right, and this did.

Bra beading just about finished

I tried it on with the dress, and it's all a bit difficult, because the bra's got no hooks so it doesn't sit right on my chest, and it's all too loose. The upshot is: I don't know if I'm going to have to add any more sequin/bead points, yet. I should put a temporary hook on the bra, to try it on with the dress properly. Especially now that I've got the neckline edge-beaded.

The dress edge-beading is different from the bra edge-beading. The bra just has plain seed beads, with the clear ones as the main, and a red one for contrast. The dress beading is using the red beads and clear bicones for contrast.

Dress edge beading

Tonight, it's just more edge-beading, as it will be for another few days!


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Feb. 8th, 2013 10:36 am (UTC)
It's looking fab!
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