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Underwear features in this post

You're going to get sick of me mentioning Cairo...

It's just about dawned on me that I'll be flying off to Cairo in 12 days' time. Which means planning my packing. Well it means lots of other lovely things, but what I was focussing on this weekend was planning my packing.

I have a terrible tendency to overpack. I return from holidays with a load of washing to do and a load of clothes that never saw the light of day. So, to combat this tendency, I plan. Lists of what's got to go in the suitcase, what's got to go in the hand luggage, and what I'll be wearing. (I've mentioned before, haven't I, that lists are my way of dealing with lots of stuff going on in my head.)

So, what I'll be wearing is always easiest. It's got to be comfy. I think I'll have to take a coat, because I need to be warm enough to get myself from home to Heathrow, not oppressively warm when I'm on the plane, and then warm enough again from Cairo International to Zamalek at night time.

The hand luggage will include overnight stuff including a spare pair of knickers, and a spare t-shirt. I'm not *expecting* my suitcase to go astray, but you never know... I just want to make sure that if I'm in Cairo for three days without my main case, I've got spares.

The main packing decisions need to be how much of everything to take, and making sure I've got enough of everything. First on the list, new undies. Because if I'm going to be stripping off to have costume fittings, I need to be wearing nice undies. I need to make sure I've got nice things for the evenings, as well as being out and about daytime things. Whatever I'm taking needs to be modest enough. No cleavage on show, long sleeves, skirts safely below the knee.

I'll be there for 9 days, and I just need to remember: I don't need 9 x everything!



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Feb. 11th, 2013 12:53 am (UTC)

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