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Sewing thoughts

The Hallo Sailor is languishing, somewhat. I know I've been poorly these last couple of days and haven't worked on it, but I've kind of reached a point of not really loving it. Or rather, I love the SPACE BRA!!! and SPACE SHORTS!!!, I just don't love the dress. I'm wondering if I should ditch the dress and make another in a different fabric. Perhaps make it MOAR SPACEY!!!

I dunno, this one may have to go the way of the Fab Crazy Floral, and have a little rest on the shelf, while I do other things and can come back to this one fresh and feel the love again.

Which has a certain symmetry to it, because the thing I'd be working on instead would be the Fab Crazy Floral!

I think I have to make a supplemental rule. Only one project on the Shelf at any given time. It's not a bad rule actually. If the situation arose that there was something on the Shelf (Project A), and the project I was working on (Project B) was going badly and I wanted to put it on the Shelf, and start Project C, then I'd have to decide whether I prefer to ditch A or B? It may be just the thing to remind me why I originally loved A and get it moving again. It would either be that or rescue what materials I can from it and throw the rest of it away. That would be a hard thing to do.

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