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A quiet day- the calm before the storm!

I had a latish night of revelry last night, with Ellie and her various friends. Nice nice people. We went to Don Qichotte (Qixote) which is a rather fancy restaurant, which did a mix of European and Oriental cuisine. And quite pertinently, has an alcohol licence. Then we went on to a pub. It was all within walking distance of the Hotel, although Ellie's friend did drive me back there! I don't normally get into cars when the driver has been drinking, but a) I was a bit drunk myself and didn't really think about it until this morning, and b) there was no way anyone could drive around the back streets of Zamalek at enough speed to have a car accident.

This morning I met Scottish M at breakfast with Kay, and Kay was outlining her plans for the day. We did a bit more orientating (i.e. walking around the area, so that we can get our bearings) and then Kay went off to see Khazafy, and I elected to stay back at the hotel and rest up. I didn't really intend to nap, but nap I did.

I'm enjoying the balcony, and when I've dug out my camera, I will post photos. We have technically got a Nile View, as there are a couple of gaps between buildings through which you can see the river. I'm saying "we", because although I'm on my own right now, I'm expecting the lovely diva_c any time from about 1am onwards tonight.

This evening Scottish M and I had the possibility of going to the Pharaon for dinner, but, understandably she was a bit tired and we agreed to just go out and find somewhere to eat. I'm a firm believer in eating Egyptian when in Egypt (Kushari is so yummy!) but I don't mind eating non-Egyptian, if it's food I wouldn't normally get at home. We found a Carribean restaurant, and had a delicious "Yardie"(!) chicken curry, and manfully resisted having any pudding. Then we wondered about how to find our way back to the hotel, but I reckoned we'd already done about three sides of a square, so logically we should be able to get back by using the fourth side of the square. Fortunately bits of the landscape looked familiar to us, and we were convinced we were actually going in the right direction, and happily that turned out to be true. Given that both of us have problems with right and left, this is, frankly, astonishing! We then paid a quick visit to the supermarket for water and additional room noms.

There's no point me going to bed till Miss C (and all the others) get here, so it may be time to switch on the tv and see what cultural delights I can find there.
ETA, a Fairouz film (Fairouz the Egyptian child star, not Fairouz the Lebanese singer), she's dressed like Judy Garland in We're a Couple of Swells! I think the film is Yasmin, she's playing a poor but talented orphan, but I'm waiting to verify the dance scenes against YT before 100% believing that's the right one. It's definitely the movie where she's impersonating Tahia and Samia. She's adorable!

Tomorrow is when it all starts kicking off, officially, and it will get hella busy, so a quiet day of not doing terribly much is probably a good thing.


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Feb. 26th, 2013 12:47 am (UTC)
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