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Tuesday - Shopping and shows

Today I accidentally bought an extra Aziz costume. The plan had always been to get him to make me a Melaya dress, on account of not having a proper one. A melaya dress needs to be a bit crazy, and Aziz is the craziest designer I know.

We drove out to the Pyramids, and while all the noobs went to visit the Pyramids and be cultural, me & diva_c and e_s and Scottish M went to meet up with Yasmina, here we are lounging around at her apartment
At Yasmina's

... and she drove us to Aziz's apartment. There we sat and chatted and caught up on his news and Diva_c showed him her Casino Candi photo in her pink Aziz. And then I explained I wanted the melaya dress, and he asked what colour, and I hadn't really thought about it. He suggested black with multi-coloured work, but I wasn't keen, partly because you'd never see it against a black melaya, and partly because I'm prejudiced against black costumes. Also, BORING... But I held my counsel for a while, to see what would present itself.

We took a look at the costumes hanging on his costume rail. There were some beauts! E_S tried a black and white costume with furballs on it, but the real find, The One, was a black & white trouser suit, with red ruffles on it. It was SUPERCUTE. And Scottish M tried on a leopard print trouser suit, and a gorgeous black & white and turquoise, both of which were fab. Diva_c was remarkably restrained and didn't look much at any on the costume rack.

I picked out a really pretty pinky purply floral print bedlah, and thought I'd like something like that. This was as a second item, aside from the alexandrian. He wasn't sure he'd be able to find the same fabric. He thought he might be able to use what he had left and supplement it in complementary colours, but Leila (Mrs Aziz) brought out a selection of fabrics that they had in hand, and I immediately seized on a yellow (I KNOW, I don't even WEAR yellow!) with giant flowers and spots. It was crazy! so I said THAT was what the thob iskanderani should be made of. Then he picked out a couple of alternative fabrics just in case the pinky purple one wasn't possible.

So actually, I'm totally trusting in him, because I've got no chuffing idea what I'll be picking up!

What was truly remarkable was Diva_C's restraint in not getting an Aziz. Because one of the pieces of fabric was absolutely *her*, it was black with red glitter print hearts and lips. It couldn't be more Candi if it tried. And yet, somehow, she womanfully resisted the lure of the red glitter. It was only after we left and were in a taxi heading for the Khan al Khalili that she lost the stoicism and developed a twinge of regret and sorrow at passing it up. The regret & sorrow currently remains in place.

So, onto the Khan...

The Khan was supposed to be the shopping of the Student Costumes, but dammit, I'd forgotten the blasted measurements AGAIN! But I bought some music, and I got some hip scarves at Mahmoud's, and Diva_c wanted to visit another place, which she thought might have some more interesting scarves. She's buying for someone else, so was under orders as to pricing. We weren't entirely sure about where this other place was, but we found it in the end, and we had a lovely time picking out rather more different scarves, and totally failing to haggle. The man offered us such an entirely reasonable price from the outset that it seemed churlish to try and bargain him down.

Here are all the hip scarves:

All the hip scarves

Then we decided it was time to head on back to the hotel, because we had to meet up for going out to the Andrea boat, the Memphis, in Maadi. We had a coffee and a cake, and an ickle rest (not a nap, we stayed awake) and then we all headed on out to see Luna's show.

And I'll have to post on that later...


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Feb. 28th, 2013 10:58 am (UTC)
i am soooo jealous!
Feb. 28th, 2013 01:37 pm (UTC)
I am looking forward to seeing all these costumes
Mar. 1st, 2013 09:49 am (UTC)
me too!! The Aziz sounds fab!
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