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Thursday- lunch at Hannan's

Lunch at Hannan's was the usual feast on the floor of the costume room, surrounded by sparkles. Delicious baladi bread, salad, ful (I do need to remember that I don't actually like ful, it's too beany for me!), lovely aubergines, home made taameya, yummity scrum!

Lunch at Hannan's

A couple of the ladies were able to take their costumes away with them, but some of us needed a couple more adjustments, and those would be delivered to the hotel. I was absolutely thrilled with mine, it's SO beautiful. If you want a sort of idea of what mine's like, take a look at diva_c's LJ and imagine her gorgeous Hannan but in white and teal/turquoise, with different but still very sparkly and pretty beading and with a more robust bra (Hammocks R Us! You just can't get a Dina style cup in size 9!). To be honest, the bra isn't that bad, it's big, but it's flattering and the beading shape also flatters.

There was a bit of a comedy moment, when I'd asked for a pair of shorts, and Hannan arranged for a pair to be made up there & then. When she came back from the factory round the corner, you could've held parties in the garment that she brought back! These shorts looked like a Weight Watchers advert, where the person's holding out their "fat trousers" and saying "I lost 15 stone!"

I did also take the opportunity to buy three pairs of the practice trousers, in yellow (!), lime green (well, more of a pale chartreuse, really) and violet. And I was able to take away my beautiful green lace set.

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