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Cairo Catch-up - Friday

After the late night on Thursday, we had a bit of a lie in and very welcome it was too!

Three of us were having another prova at Eman's while the others were due to go off to the Felfela Village. However, as they dropped us off, they had the chance of a tuk-tuk ride. If I'd realised how ridiculously early for Eman's we were, the three of us could have had a go too. Boo!

The prova took some time. For a start, as I said, we'd arrived early, so neither Sara nor Eman were there, so we were waiting around. Then when Sara arrived, there seemed to be a problem with stuff not having been done. It did seem like things were not much further forward than two days ago. And when Eman arrived, she did give the staff a mighty telling off!

evil_spice and Eva were able to have their fittings before mine, because their things were ready and mine wasn't. I didn't really get to see what was being done in their fitting.

As for my own, once it got started it took forever... the bra was covered, and an additional layer of mesh had been added to the skirt of the dress, which gives it a lot of extra swish! So then it was a case of attaching the dress to the bra, and trying on the drapé. It didn't help that Eman wasn't happy with the placement of the skirt mesh, so that had to be adjusted. In the end, we were running really late for joining everyone at the Felfela, and we just had to leave and jump into a taxi.

The Felfela Village is like a little Baladi Theme Park, with a big restaurant with a stage. It's very popular with Egyptian people. We got there just in time for the Hassan Hassan Folklore Show, and some food. I can't speak for the other two, but I was ravenous.

I do love the Hassan Hassan Show, it's so entertaining! Hassan himself is the consummate showman, ring-master, musician, singer, dancer, tannoura dancer, actor... there are no limits to this man's talent! He is 100% the start of the show. But a big shout out has to go to Karim, who is an excellent dancer, and even made me watch his tannoura with respect, not because of any fancy tricks like fairy lights on the costume, but because he dances it so obviously from the heart (he's the one in white, in the tannoura pic below). Big ups too, to Mr evil_spice , who was roped into the Sa'aidi skit, and took to the Tahtib like a duck to water, and to Scottish M, for joining in the Soldiers skit like a proper funny foreigner.

The Hassan Hassan Show - Hagalla
The Hassan Hassan Show - Tannoura
The Hassan Hassan Show - Sa'aidi

A special mention also needs to be made for the girl who got up for a boogie, while one of the singers was on. She was wearing the regulation long black dress and hegab, but regardless of those trappings of modesty, she couldn't hide the sheer magnificence of her bottom. Her shimmy was amazing, her hips moved like they were on casters, and her bottom had the most gorgeous wobble to it, that had us all slack-jawed in admiration. She was adorable.

Some of us were going back to the Khan al Khalili (I've never visited it so frequently in all my trips to Cairo before!), for a final bit of shopping. My main business there was with Mahmoud and Mme Ilham, to make sure that what she was making was what I actually wanted. The student costumes turned out to be LOVELY! Very flattering and I think everyone will be happy with them. So hopefully I will be receiving them in the next 10 days or so, and can share that joy!

My other business was to find a nice chessboard as a gift for the Gentleman Friend. I think I did my most effective haggling, mainly because I was always prepared to walk away. That really does seem to be the trick. I got a nice folding board, that doubled as a backgammon board, and chess pieces in plastic- I didn't like the look of the bone ones, and they were all carved in such a similar way, that it was difficult to tell which piece was which. Especially as Egyptians don't call the pieces the same as we do. The bishop is the elephant, for example!

The plan for the evening was for everyone to meet at Abou el Cid restaurant in Zamalek. E_S and I had had an interesting experience two years ago trying to locate it, but now we knew exactly where it is! We four Khan al Khalili-ers got as far as 26th July Street by taxi, and the traffic was, of course, terrible, so we took the policy decision not to go back to the hotel, but to hop off at 26th July, do a little bit of shopping there, and meet up at Abou el Cid. We had a look in Diwan bookshop, and I persuaded Scottish M to take a look at the Diwan stationery shop (because I am a *sucker* for stationery- if I can buy a notebook, I will!). Our visit was rewarded with OUM KHALSOUM THERMAL MUGS!!!!! Saying "give me your hands, give me freedom" (I asked the man on the desk). I also got a calligraphy notebook as a gift for M, and a Downtown Cairo Notebook for me.

Oum Khalsoum Coffee Mug

And it seemed like Oum Khalsoum was everywhere, because when we were seated at Abou el Cid, we were sat under a portrait of the Star of Egypt herself! The food at Abou el Cid was delicious and plentiful, to the extent that main dished needed to be shared, because one dish was far too much for one person! But the highlight has to the the Abou el Cid Cocktail- Assab (sugar cane juice) and tequila! You have no idea how delicious and refreshing that is, especially when you need a bit of a sugar kick after a long day!

Finally it was back to the President Hotel, and the excitement of receiving the Hannan costume, which had been delivered that evening. I had to try it on to prance around the room in it in front of diva_c, but sadly didn't remember to photograph it until I'd taken it off... Here's the hip beading...

Hannan beading

It's going to need a little bit of fettling, but only tiny things, that will take no time at all. I'm so happy about this costume! It's really pretty and it's inspiring me to think about how I'd dance in it and what sort of music I'd use (first thoughts at the time were Nebtidi, but subsequent thoughts, influenced by earworms, are heading towards Ahwak).

And that's the end of the bits I had notes for. Saturday, Sunday & Monday will have to be posted from memory!


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The Oum K travel mug is wonderful!
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