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Tales from the Sick Bay

It was a bit weird teaching the Intermediates class last night. They're a bunch of crocks! I had four sick- but two of them came in to the class even though they weren't actually up to dancing. So they were sitting & taking notes. Which is fine for the technique stuff, I just wasn't too sure how the rest of the class would take it, when it came to the Improv section. Fortunately, this is a good friendly class, no-one seemed to be phased by it, and they were able to dance in a reasonably uninhibited way. We've been working on one song for quite a long time, and I think we're getting close to people being able to let go and dance expressively. I only wish we could work on it more intensively, then it wouldn't have taken the best part of one term to get to this stage. But we're stymied by only having one class a week and having to do other stuff in the time I've got allocated.

But the ladies in the Sick Bay did actually learn a lot just from watching, and it made me think, perhaps everyone should get a chance, once in a while, to watch the rest of the class during the improv section... When you're doing improv in class you're always so engrossed in what you're doing that you have no idea what anyone else is doing. And I do think it's useful to see what others are doing.

Teaching the Beginners was fun, too- I started them on Veils. Veils are soooooo much fun with Beginners! All of a sudden they've got something to do with their hands! Last night was: Learning the important Safety Rule, of Not Treading On Your Veil, Nor Indeed On Anyone Else's Veil, and Learning How To Hold It, and Walking and Wafting About A Bit. In the next few weeks we'll do Twirling, and Tricks (I need to find a more professional name for tricks than "tricks"), and getting them to do it all while actually dancing.


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