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Music Research is Fun

I realise I've been deeply rubbish about posting of late. I'm just not doing anything that's at all interesting to post about!

One of my teaching themes for the last few weeks (continuing to next week, which is the last dance-based class of the term) is improv to different music, where I give the students a bit more information about the music, to give them context, and so they have a clue how to start thinking about dancing it. Each week, I've provided that information and loads of inspiration YT clips on my website, and on the class moodle. I've genuinely loved doing all the research and YT searching. Yes it's a bit time-consuming, but, hey, time is something I've got plenty of.

It's made me focus a lot harder on music that I love but until now hadn't really thought terribly much about. That's one of the brilliant things about teaching, it makes me think a lot more, whereas when I'm working on something for myself, I tend not to analyse or dissect it, I just do it, working purely from the heart, without engaging the brain[*]. Once I have to teach it, I have to engage the brain, and yet somehow that gives me a whole new love of it.

I might post some of the links I've found for the students here, later, after I've finished this set of classes.


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Jun. 27th, 2013 02:47 pm (UTC)
Please do post the links! I'm in the middle of recital prep season and can use all the inspiration I can get...lol!
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