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I was dancing at Arabesque Nights tonight. It was their Strictly Egyptian night, so it was ALL lovely Egyptian music all the way through- my favourite!

It made me look up Lamone el Nass, which is beautiful, and which I find I've got on my mp3 player, from a Randa cd (but with no credits surprise, surprise!), and which should also be on Wash Ya Wash 2, which I know I've got and I really need to rip and transfer onto my player. And I was almost in tears listening to Enta Omri, which is vying *hard* for first place in Béa's Top Favourite Oum Khalsoum Song chart. But Lissa Fakr is still holding it off. There was quite a lot of classic music- there were two massively different interpretations of Sitt el Hosni- one quite refined and sedate and Farah's Firecracker version! And there was a very pretty Tamr Henna, and a tribute to Samia to Ma ali w'oltilo (sp?).

I myself did two numbers, El Hantour which was a real crowd-pleaser, and got the atmosphere in the room right up, and in the second half, Lissa Fakr, because I don't think you can get more Egyptian than a bit of Oum Kalsoum. Lots of people were complimentary which I always think is very kind, because I'm always really beating myself up for not being interesting enough. I don't do a load of amazing technique, I'm terrible at choreographing for myself, and I'm constantly comparing myself unfavourably with other dancers I admire. And yet I got comments like "I could watch you all night", which floored me!

It was particularly interesting when a couple of people actually told me what they liked about my dancing. One person was saying that the quality she felt from my dancing was that I was totally relaxed on stage. Well that I can understand, because it's a quality I enjoy seeing in other dancers, and I think I can accept that it's a quality I have, because I do feel comfortable in front of an audience. Total stagehog, I am.

Another was saying how much technique I use, how many different moves. Now that one did floor me, because I think that I'm boring with technique, because I improvise, and one tends to fall into habits, there are particular moves that I find myself returning to, time and again. And I'm a shocker for instantly forgetting what I did while I was dancing. So it's rather astonishing to hear that as one of my strengths!

So that was all very interesting.

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