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Hipnotic post

I had a really nice time at Hipnotic last night, and didn't do the mad driving to Wembley after all. I decided it would be too mad.

It was lovely to see people who I haven't seen for a while, like Desna and Razia. I feel like I've been pretty rubbish at keeping in touch with dance friends who aren't right there in front of me. Bad Béa. Must Do Better.

It was a very, ahem, bijou audience. But we tried to make it warm and supportive for other performers, with plenty of clapping and whooping and so on.

I can't really comment much on the performers, as I only really saw the first set. Rasha did a belting Enta Omri, though of course, I'd seen her doing it at Arabesque Nights on Thursday. I also enjoyed Nirzari's first piece- they got unexpectedly roped into doing two instead of just one, which goes to show the benefits of being able to improvise! I know I'm not really into tribal, but I enjoy all dance when it's well done, and Nirzari did theirs really well.

Then it was me, teaching Melaya In 45 Minutes. I'd been told I'd got up to an hour, but actually 45 minutes was enough to nearly kill them, so we called it a day then. It seemed to go pretty well and nimeue was asking me to do it again some time when there are more people there, so we'll arrange something about that sometime, I'm sure.

I thought I had plenty of time to see the second dance set before going to get made up and changed for dancing in the second set. But when the announcement was that the break between sets 2 & 3 would be 5 minutes rather than 20, I had to rush off, in a panic, to get the slap on, and wrestle myself into the frock and remember to put on all the jewellery.

I was dancing melaya to Mashrabsh il shay, which is cute cute cute. I used the Marwa version, and the thought had occurred to me to try using the old Leila Nazmi version. But in my heart, I know that version really belongs to M, and if I was ever to try using it, I'd only be comparing myself to her, which could only work out unfavourably, so that won't happen. I'll just content myself with using it for teaching purposes.

And now I need to practise my piece for evil_spice's haflah, because I've picked music (or rather ES picked music, because I gave her a choice of two) that I haven't used for a while.


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