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I'm at Summer School, contending with slow wifi, I may end up relying on my trusty mobile broadband dongle...

I was feeling stressed about Summer School today. I had done some shopping for necessary supplies (snacks and wine), but the Gentleman Friend came round last night, slightly unexpectedly, so the wine got drunk- it was only one bottle... it's not like we went on a massive binge! And it was sort of his birthday celebration[*]. So I thought I could go shopping at Tesco's which is en route to Crowthorne, but as things turned out, I ended up giving a friend a lift from Guildford station, as she'd missed her train connection and the traffic in town was a complete PIG (which is perfectly normal for Friday afternoons), so I decided to forgo the detour to Tesco's. And the traffic on our way to Wellington College, where the Summer School is being held, was also porcine. And I was mega-stressed about teaching my Reda Technique workshop, because I didn't feel fully prepared, and I thought I'd have more time when I got here than I actually did to do my last minute ordering of material. And I wasn't sure if I'd judged the level right, or if I'd planned enough material to work with.

But actually, things turned out pretty cool and OK. I still had my snacks and Wellington College (which is a dead swanky public school- for foreign readers, public schools are actually private schools, there is a distant historical reason for this weird linguistic thing, but there you go, nobody ever said that linguistics was easy- the point is this is a very VERY expensive school), and one of the benefits of staying in a swanky school is that it has a pub on the premises for the benefit of the staff, so the need for bottles of wine becomes less pressing.

And I solved my not having enough time for the final workshop tweakage, by not joining the formal tour of the premises, and using the time for said tweakage. Of course, tomorrow morning I'll have no idea at all where I'm due to be for Krystina's Technique clinic workshop, but hey, tomorrow's another day[**].

And actually I really enjoyed teaching the workshop, and I think the students enjoyed themselves too, and learned stuff, or at least in the case of the more experienced students, my explaining of Reda technique provided a nice clear breakdown, which allowed them to realise that this was stuff that they kind of already knew, they just needed someone to flick that switch for them. I really enjoyed the research for this workshop, too- there's a delightful sweetness about the original Reda troupe, and working out some of those combinations was quite a job!

So all that stress could really have been dissipated, really. I should remember this for the next time I feel stressed. It's probably not worth it.

[*] His actual birthday was on Tuesday, but he was spending that with his kids. And I had to remind him that actually I hadn't seen him at all for the last two weeks, and I was just about to go away for a whole week, so I would have been miffed if he hadn't turned up! But it was around midnight, on account of him being out with his Thursday night friends, and me being at Arabesque Nights. Of which more later.

[**] Is that a quote from somewhere- it feels like it is. If not it should be.


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Aug. 3rd, 2013 07:52 am (UTC)
I have a friend who works for a marginally less posh public school - I shall have to suggest they have a pub for the staff ;)
Aug. 3rd, 2013 09:47 am (UTC)
A friend of mine (referred to on my LJ as The Oxford Don, as Bea will recall) went to NZ's second poshest would-be public school and they were trying to put in a bar FOR THE STUDENTS at one stage. They argued that they could drink legally at 18, and that since many of them were boarders, the teachers were routinely teaching them to drink responsibly by giving them booze in loco parentis when under 18 anyway. (NZ has no drinking age, just an age of purchase, which is 18.)
Aug. 3rd, 2013 09:52 am (UTC)
I like their logic ....
Aug. 3rd, 2013 09:54 am (UTC)
When I told The Oxford Don about this development (he now lives overseas) he said "why bother with a bar, they can just break in to where the masters keep their booze like we used to".
Aug. 3rd, 2013 04:43 pm (UTC)
Aug. 3rd, 2013 09:34 pm (UTC)
Do they have peacocks on the lawn?
Aug. 4th, 2013 12:04 am (UTC)
Not that I'm aware of, but you may have noticed from various FB photos the resemblance to Hogwarts.
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