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Celebrating Dance

I'm home from a lovely weekend in Torquay at Celebrating Dance, ruined only by my experience of trying to navigate around Salisbury. If I never see Salisbury again, it will be too soon. But Salisbury aside, it was a truly delightful and fun weekend. I got to see a whole load of people I don't see very often, and get to know other people better who I didn't know so well, and know better now.

I missed the bulk of the Friday night's Delegate Showcase on account of the travelling. So my weekend started on the Saturday, really. I mooched and chatted and faffed about trying to remember the El Hantour choreography in the morning, and taught the El Hantour choreography in the afternoon. It was slightly interrupted by a fire alarm, but luckily it was a false alarm. We got through the whole routine in the right amount of time. I managed to impress a few people by being able to direct them to my website for a training video of the routine, and people seemed happy with the workshop, so that was all good.

The gala show on the Saturday evening was great. I did Ahwak, using the routine I've been teaching my students, slightly adapted because I was soloing, and couldn't replicate the group work. I really enjoyed performing, and I thought I did ok, though compared to all the talent out there that night, my little piece was easy peasy lemon squeezy. But everybody was really complimentary about it, so I'm hoping that the video comes out ok, and I can share it.

This morning I was teaching a Pairwork workshop, and again, people seemed to be happy with it. I had some really nice feedback! And then I did a whole load more sitting and chatting and watching the world go by, till I had to get back into the car, and make my way home. I still don't feel any more kindly towards Salisbury.

I will write more about the Gala Show some time soon, but I'm knackered and need to get an earlyish night. In the meantime, kudos and thanks go out to ondineblue and of course, Mr OndineBlue


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Oct. 29th, 2013 09:47 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
It was wonderful to see you and to catch up properly in person plus we've had nothing but praise for your workshops and rightly so!

Your number in the show was just lovely - a beautiful interpretation of a beautiful song! xx

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