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Ceilidh was fun!

I went to my first ceilidh for years. The band was Florida, who are ace, and I saw Chris, who I had a bit of a thing with, dear me, ten years ago. TEN YEARS? How the hell did ten years go by just like that? We had a chance to catch up, and he's just as charming as he ever was.

Anyway, I took the Gentleman Friend, because he's my boyfriend and it's his job to come with me to things I want to go to. I think he enjoyed the evening, though he prefers his folk music a bit more trad. Also, since he is no kind of dancer whatsoever, I didn't get to do any dancing with him. Instead I did a couple of numbers with a rather sweet and nattily-dressed elderly gent. Luckily he knew more or less what he was doing, and I do think it's important in pair dancing that one of you does. I do love watching country dancing. Especially when it's done by people who are pretty confident in their skills, and let rip with embellishments to the basic dance being called.

I really would like to go to more of these, they're really nearby and reasonably priced. I don't know that the Gentleman Friend would be quite as keen, but I could always go on my own, I certainly always used to.

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