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I'm trying to get my 2014 diary updated with all the things that should be in it and I hadn't quite got round to writing in. It turns out March might potentially be a bit dance crazy, which would be nice.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to Arabesque Nights (theme: 80s Hangover!), but that's the only Dance thing in January, apart from teaching, of course.

February- I'll be teaching a workshop and dancing at the accompanying haflah in Angmering, for Shiraz's Orient Expressions.

March- Mirage will hopefully be performing at Arabesque Nights (Vintage night), and Ishtar's Haflah at the Hall in Weybridge (they don't know about that one, but I can't see them having any problem with it, and it's much more local for them than traipsing up to Chiswick, so I'm optimistic that they'll do it). We've also got an invitation from Melanie to perform at the Arab Quarterly, but I'm less confident that they'd do that one- it's a bit far, and it's more high-stress. But I'd like to make it a School Outing, even if they don't want to perform. It would be excellent for them to see the band and see dancers working with live music.

So those are all nice things to look forward to.

While in a Mirage Performance Planning mood, I was trying to work out when we can insinuate ourselves into Hipnotic. Given that we're focussing on improv this term, so they aren't working on a new choreography, I can't see them having anything ready for May, but I guess I'll put them down for November, once we've got the end of year Hipnotic dates. That gives me plenty of time to work out what we'll be dancing, though as always very little time to actually teach it!



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Jan. 9th, 2014 10:42 am (UTC)
There will be one in september…..probably!
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