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Belated Hipnotic post

Last Sunday seems a long time ago, because this week's been busy. But on Sunday I *did* go to Hipnotic. It was a select and intimate audience. It was also a significantly Tribal audience. I think there was only me and Aradia/Trish, and Kassandra/Esther who were full Oriental. Everyone else was tribal of one style/school or another. In fact the tribal spectrum was well covered, with representatives of the FCBD, Gypsy Caravan, Black Sheep styles in the house, plus Covert Bling, of course.

I danced to Ahmed Ya Omar first. I'm definitely going to edit my version of it a bit, to stop it at its natural stopping point, it doesn't make so much sense as is. I have a sneaky feeling that the version I've got has been ganked from the YT video, so it includes the credits element. I really enjoyed dancing to it. It's a feel-good song! I don't know that it would have been much appreciated by many in the audience though, which is something of a disappointment.

Same with Albi we Muftaho... I enjoyed dancing to it. I thought I did it ok. But again it felt kind of flat because I didn't feel like it was particularly up the street of most of the audience members.

Trish did a lovely Accordeon Baladi, and Kassandra did her Tahia homage that we saw at Arabesque Nights. The rest was tribal, of which I am largely ignorant. I was quite taken with the lady doing the sword, and I enjoyed her music (which turned out to be Corvus Corax, they sound like I might enjoy them, the music reminded me a bit of Manau in their Celtique period).



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Apr. 11th, 2014 09:45 pm (UTC)
I love Ahmed ya Omar! I would definitely have appreciated that performance.
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