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A quick Strictly Come Dancing post

I heartily enjoyed tonight's show.

I am voting for Mark Wright, who seems like such a lovely man, and whose dancing skills surprised me in a very good way from the start of the series. I really liked this tango routine. I don't find his partner very sypmathetic, but we're not voting on her, are we?

However, honourable mentions also definitely go to Simon from Blue, who has perked right up after being a bit rubbish a couple of weeks ago, and did a cracking Samba tonight. Also Jake from Eastenders, who did the most macho Macarena I've ever seen. And I really liked Pixie Lott's Charleston, which was breathtaking. I'm less impressed by Frankie from the Saturdays. It doesn't help that I hadn't really heard of the Saturdays (I'm so old!), but she is a bit of a personality-free zone, so however good her dancing might be, I'm not moved.

Now that the really bad dancers have gone, the bar is much higher, and the celebs need to be good and really on their game, to get through. I suspect that Steve the animal show guy, who seems to be a total sweetie, and Sunetra, are going to be the ones at risk. But what do I know?I would never have thought the hunky rugby guy, who could actually dance pretty well, could be in the dance-off.

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