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At last, a Shakira I can really get behind!

I've saved my favourite of the new dance discoveries until last, I think. This is Shakira. No not *that* Shakira. Egyptian Shakira. And even if you watch none of the other vids, I urge you to watch the last one- it's a belter...

This was the first vid of hers that I saw:

And I fell in love with her...
Here's a bit more Oriental. With Sagat:

This one's got a nominal amount of Melaya in it:


And now a bit of Sha'abi. I ADORE this clip, which I gather is from a movie. It is FAB!!! Not just for the dancing and sha'abiness of it, but because of the stuff that's going on in the background. Enjoy!

I'm kicking myself because I was watching her in a video where she was dancing at a relatively swanky wedding, dressed in a beautiful evening dress type costume, but with little cat ears and slouch boots. Most of the time the vid was shot from the thighs up, so you didn't see the feet, but as soon as you did, it hit you over the head with incongruity. But can I find that video now? Can I heck! (it's no good suggesting I look back over my browser history- I've watched FAR too many YT videos to be able to work out which one it was). Oh well, it will just have to live on in my memory!

Shakira does appear to have a Facebook page or two, but there's not much on there. She also appears to have tried to set up a web page (I found two potential domain names, including the one mentioned on the FB page, but neither one of them actually has any content on it). She's got a YT channel, Shakira Egypt, but again there's not much on there. (Warning- there's a very un-pc "jungle" style video, featuring some very ooga-chaka style backing dancers!)

I've compiled my own Shakira playlist of course, as I have done with all the others.

And that's all for now, folks. I hope you've had as much fun from these videos as I have.


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Dec. 17th, 2014 12:08 am (UTC)
And just today I had a blogpost in my Reader which pointed me to this video:

It's a bit Whoops I Did It Again meets Nigella meets Marvel Comics. And it's not exactly the sort of dancing Suraya Hilal would approve of...
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