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Hassan - bad start!

So last night I was at the Centre way early, on account of having to be there for work, and it not being worth anyone's while for me to drive home and then back out to Farnham again. So the plan was to do some practising and video it. I had been super-efficient before leaving house in the morning, and I'd remembered to take all my teaching gear with me, as well as a charger for my phone (which is now my music player). I'd even remembered to take my camera, so that I could video the practice.

Regrettably, by 5.30, when I had done all the work things I needed to, I found myself without the mezag for Hassan. I tried, but I felt all stiff and wrong for it. I did myself a nice long warmy-uppy mobilisation, and tried again, but that didn't do the trick. And then I found out that although I'd brought the camera, it's batteries were dying on their backisdes, so I couldn't have videoed myself, even if I'd been up to working on Hassan. So I decided that I'd rather do some dancing that I would actually enjoy than stick at something that was making me feel all faily.

So instead I had a play with Tigi Tigi. This is supposed to be my next choreography for class. It's fabulously fun, and I had a ball working on it. However, what I've taken away from that session is that the way *I'm* dancing it is far too fast for a class choreo, and that the attitude I'm taking with it requires quite significant Acting Sha'abi, which may be too big an ask. I'm going to have to tone it down somehow, and I'm not sure how, yet. I also need to think about how I want to costume it, because it's not "belly dance" at all. So while I feel I gained quite a lot from the session, it created as many questions as it answered. Oh well, I guess I'll work it all out somehow or another.

The lesson was very interesting. I'm trying to make sure I work on everyone's personal goals, so that involves actually pinning down everyone's personal goals in the first place, and then working out what I can actually do about them. Sometimes it's quite easy, a physical correction, a reminder. But some are going to need more contemplation by me and co-operation from the student in question.

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