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Arabesque Nights

I've been a bit off the London scene in the last few months. There hadn't been much that drew me there, and it's a faff to get up to London and it's expensive, and yadda yadda. I've kind of been just hunkering down recently. Most of my dance stuff outside of teaching has been concerned with my students, providing extra curricular rehearsals and additional lessons, so that they could benefit from the opportunities to perform.

But with the Mirror show on Sunday, and Arabesque Nights last night, the love is starting to come back. I should really do more, for myself.

Arabesque Nights was fun last night. The theme was Burlesque, and the show was called Fur Coat No Knickers. Quite a few of the acts were properly following the theme (not us, though). There was a Carmen Miranda act from Stephanie. There was a tribal improv troupe, Sigma, who did two numbers, both in theme, but with different angles. There was Kassandra doing a choreo to Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps (learned at JWAAD summer school two years ago, I suspect I know who from, from the style of it, but she didn't credit the teacher properly). There was Krystina in her alter-ago as Minxie Night, who wowed the whole room, with a very saucy burlesque number. I've seen Minxie before, at Summer School, so I wasn't totally surprised, but a lot of people were!

It wasn't all happy happy joy joy for me. There was a number by Alyah, which was just eye-wateringly dreadful- Melaya-Lef to Mashrabsh il Shay, which in itself is a good thing, that's exactly the right sort of music to use for Melaya, but then she had to ruin it by adding balloons to her mandil, her hip-belt (there's NO hip belt with Melaya!) and her bra. She proceeded to pop them (out of synch with the music) for the laffs. It was just awful, I'm afraid!

We danced Mashkalni, and our number was pretty much the antithesis of Burlesque, you can't get much less saucy than a Khaligi thob swathing you in yards and yards of chiffon! It went well, and I'm particularly happy that one of the performers was dancing in public for the first time ever. She's been dancing for about 2½ years, so I'm glad that she's broken her duck, and she'll be dancing at Haflah at the Hall at the end of the month. I'm hoping that with two male guests (the husband of one student, the brother of another) on hand to video and photograph us, we'll actually have some record of the dance that I can show off here some time.

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